Saturday, October 20, 2012

35 Little Plague Zombies

So, GW just released the an Errata/FAQ document for the new Chaos Space Marines codex, and there is a surprising ruling inside!

The long debated "35 Plague Zombie unit" misconception is now completely legal per the first item of errata. This means for 150 points you can have 35 Fearless, Feel No Pain, Slow and Purposeful models that can score an objective!

How amazing is that? Think about it. With the way Fearless works in this edition, these models will stick around no matter how many you kill, and if you're lucky, 35 of them might just have enough attacks to kill a model or two before they all die! We're talking about a hard-core tarpit unit that's cheaper and better than any other unit like it in the game!

I don't know what GW was thinking on this one. A super expensive and super choppy combat unit will spend a turn or two coming across the board to annihilate something, and then you'll tie that unit up with this one for another two or more turns (if you're lucky, you'll do it before the nasty unit wipes out their target). So in effect, you have 150 points of good denial on the table that's able to weather some harsh punishment.

But the kicker is, you can have up to SIX of these and even then that would only cost you 900 points!!!! Plus 345 points of 12 Autocannons, 100 pts of Quad Gun Defense Line for those Havocs...

Hmm, I smell a Nurgle list on the way, and it is definitely rotten...

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  1. Plagues, Plagues and Plagues Everywhere! He ceases his intercession in the sanctuary. His wrath is kindled against those who worshiped the beast, his image, and had his mark. Plagues are poured out on the people, some with sores all over their bodies, while others had no water to drink or to wash because the sea turned into thick blood.