Monday, October 3, 2011

It's October Already???

For some reason it still seems like it's only August-ish to me. I haven't really accomplished much in the last few months so time should be slowing down for me right? Well, it's definitely not! With Halloween in less than four weeks and Thanksgiving next month, it's time to start considering holiday plans.

One of my favorite holidays of the year is Halloween as not only is the weather usually amazing (the leaves are changing colors and it's not STUPID hot outside), and everyone's in a festive and yet slightly mischievous mood. Costume parties and candy sales are plentiful, and sometimes even video game companies celebrate it as well (like World of Warcraft and other MMORPGs). It's a ton of fun!

So, for the last two years I have hosted and run an event with my local club called Zombiefest. It's basically just a zombie-themed party the week before Halloween but with a few twists. First, it's important to know that on the Saturday one week before Halloweeen, Denver hosts the Zombiecrawl (this year will be their 6th one, and last year they made the Guinness Book of World Records for the most zombies in one place). To tie our party into this, we head downtown at around 5pm and eat dinner on the 16th Street mall during the crawl. After an hour or two we head back to our store for all-night zombie-themed gaming. We've got zombie movies, video-games, board games, roleplaying scenarios, and even a special 40k Zombie Survival scenario that I wrote up.

You basically build a 200 point generic independent character (no named/unique characters, and it must be an HQ, some exceptions allowed), and you and five other people place your characters in a building in the middle of a war-torn table that is FLOODED with tons of zombies (and there's even five different kinds). Over the course of the game, you're trying to score as many "points" as possible by doing cool things like killing zombies, blowing things up, saving little girls, killing random looters, and even taking out Adversary (our version of Resident Evil's Nemesis). We've even got an un-manned Battlewagon to hop in for some Dawn of the Dead shenanigans, and a 10-man Imperial Guard unit that needs rescuing and can become a retinue for your character!

This year will be our third one, and it has been very successful so far!

Hmm... now what to do for Christmas/New-Years?

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