Monday, October 18, 2010

A little bit of everything...

Wow, just looking back at the blog posts I've made over the last few months, I've really dropped the ball on updating this thing. I started covering Fantasy 8th Edition and the games I was going to be playing while learning the new system, and I was going to have hobby store reviews after the Collectormania incident. Also, since then, I have played in two tournaments and another event at a convention AND I hosted and played in a local tournament.

I guess I have a bit to put into this blog, and I'll start by giving my opinions on the Dark Elves AND coverage of the convention I went to.

Part 1 - Dark Elves in 8th Edition Fantasy

 So far, I've thoroughly enjoyed running the Dark Elves. Though I was proxying with D&D miniatures at the time (hadn't picked any actual models up yet), I was able to learn a lot about how the army operates and learned their strengths and weaknesses pretty quickly, both in combat and in unit efficiency. I discovered I really liked Corsairs, and a close second would be Wyches. I'm not a fan of Reaper Bolt Throwers, regular Dark Elves, Cold One Riders, and Har Ganeth Executioners. In my opinion, the book really supports an "in-your-face" assault-oriented play style (with hints at competent defensive play as well), and Corsairs, Wyches, Hydras, Blackguard, and Cauldrons really epitomize this motif.

Here's a list I've been running at the 2,250 point level:

Dreadlord (Whip of Agony, Armor of Darkness, Pendant of Khaeleth, The Other Trickster's Shard)

Death Hag (Cauldron of Blood, Battle Standard Bearer)
Sorceress (Level 2, Power Stone, Seal of Ghrond)

30x Corsairs (Command)
25x Corsairs (Command, Sea Serpent Standard)
16x Repeater Crossbowmen
16x Repeater Crossbowmen

20x Blackguard (Musician, Standard Bearer)
War Hydra
War Hydra

Now, I found that while I have only 8 "units" on the table, each one hit like a sack of bricks! The Cauldron of Blood really is the catalyst that holds the army together, as its ability to grant either a 5+ Ward Save, +1 Attack, or Killing Blow is invaluable (when used at the right time). Honestly, having an army that hits first (Initiative 5) with re-rolls to hit in the first round of combat (Eternal Hatred) is awesome. Then, giving that army special abilities like Frenzy (from the Sea Serpent Standard) and Killing Blow (from the Cauldron) backed up by a Sorceress who is reducing characteristics by using the Lore of Shadow, is awesome.

I will be picking up my Dark Elves in February, and it will be the first army where I will force myself to paint a unit before I can use it. I'll go one unit at a time until I can field small forces (and continue playtesting and learning) and then before I know it I'll have my 2,250 point list ready to go to tournaments!

Part 2 - Tacticon 2010 Coverage 

Apologies, as unfortunately my sweet Digital Camera was being repaired during the event, so most pictures were taken using my phone (which admittedly does have a 3MP, 10x zoom Camera).

Click HERE to read Day 1

Click HERE to read Day 2

Click HERE to read Day 3


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