Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tau at Adepticon

Another year, another Adepticon, and this time there's some shocking (not shocking) news about how well Tau did. Brace yourselves, I hope you're seated, here's the results....

Tau didn't win. Again. Tau didn't even top 8 the championships. Tau didn't even top 16, or top 20 this event. The highest place Tau took was 24th. Out of 203 players almost 7% were Tau and the best they could do was 24th place (with the next place being 40th). But you'll continue to hear about how Tau are overpowered, and need to be changed or taken out of the game, etc. You'll continue to see online hate for the army and any new rules, units, or models they get. Why? Because people are just plain bad at the game. I'm not going to beat around the bush here, I'm done being nice about it because I'm tired of an army I love being thrown under the bus when it comes to 40k's problems or GW's problems. It's not a problem with Tau or GW, it's a problem with the weak players who can't find ways around the army. Just like Variance Hammer says, Tau are best at weeding out the mediocre players and dominating local stores (because either people don't want to put the effort into figuring out how to make their army work around a new challenge, or because they simply choose not to play against them). So carry on, nothing new to see here.


And here's the link to the results on Adepticon.org by the way:

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  1. A lot of the Tau hate has subsided in my local community. I'm curious to see what armor save modifiers and different movement speeds and the like will do for them in 8th edition. It sounds exciting :)