Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Tau [don't] win again!

In reference to my most recent posts regarding Tau's new Coordinated Firepower, ITC Ruling and Coordinated Firepower, it looks like a tournament happened a month ago that may or may not have proven my point...
I'll start by saying this article is based on very anecdotal evidence so take this with a grain of salt.

Okay, so there were 70 players at Warzone Atlanta, 4 of which were Tau. Guess which spots they took? 69th, 65th, 63rd, and the best place the codex took was....60th. that's right, in the top 59 spots at this Atlanta GT, Tau were a no-show. In fact, if I recall correctly Tau haven't dominated the GT scene since 2013 for a few months where Tau-Dar (a Tau and Eldar alliance) was popular.

What won this event? Multiple Small Units (MSU) Eldar spam. In fact it was so good variations of it took first, second, AND fifth place (with only Khorne Daemonkin Daemon-spam and Clan Raukaan Grav-spam making it into the top 4 otherwise). What's my point? Well again this is surely anecdotal but if Tau were such a threat in terms of being so powerful that this new codex and its Coordinated Firepower rule pushes them over the top, don't you think we'd theoretically see a better showing at larger events like this?

We have plenty more coming up soon, so I guess it's entirely too early to make any calls, but if this trend continues it will go a long way towards showing that Reece and Frankie like to nerf things "just because" rather than use hard data to help them make decisions.

See Rob Baer's article over on Spiky Bits for more info on the top five lists:

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