Friday, March 14, 2014

What's in store for 2014?

So we're half-way through March of 2014, and unfortunately this is my first post of the year. I've honestly had a lot going on and over the next few months things are going to continue to be super busy for me. I also know I don't stay interested in one thing for very long, and often switch to different games or even whole genres after a little while. So, this post is all about what's in store for 2014?

At the moment, I'm running and playing in an 18-player 40k campaign using the Crusade of Fire and Planetary Empires rules at my friendly local game store, Shieldbreakers. So far it's been a huge success, and tonight we're running our first special mission, the Battle for Voidspan Point! A few guys at the shop put together some really nice terrain for the mission, simulating the asteroids and walkways found in the book. It looks great and should provide for a super-fun event!

Also, on Saturday I managed to get eight people around a table for a massive game of Twilight Imperium! We'll be using both of the expansions and ALL of the optional rules!

Then in a few days I should get the Pokémon TCG singles I ordered from Troll and Toad, which will include some Shauna, Muscle Bands, Professor's Letters, and Evosodas. I would invest in some Fairy cards to make the super fast "Fairy Trans" deck (the better, stage-one version of Darkrai/Hydreigon basically), but I figured for now I'd just focus on getting the important tech cards from this set. I know Shauna will be an auto-include 4x card for the foreseeable future (especially for those that remember Professor Oak's New Theory).

Also, I placed a massive Infinity order with Shae-Konnit on Dakka Dakka for a WYSIWYG Ariadna Caledonian Highlander sectorial force, as well as extra models to fill out my wife's Tohaa force (including the SICK new Gorgos model). I would have normally ordered this through my local store, but I would have needed to order 52 models to get the specific 20 I was looking for, so that was bringing my total price to over $600 just for my Ariadna alone. Thanks to Shae-Konnit, I was able to order those exact specific 20 models I needed for my 300 pt list that I put a lot of time into (and sought out a lot of advice on Facebook and on forums!)

I've been getting the itch lately to get back into Infinity, and when some guys at the shop started to talk about wanting to get into the game, I started researching armies, reading the Infinity Wiki, and using their official list builder to come up with some cool lists. I'm hoping that after our 40k campaign wraps up, that people will want something different to play, and I want to encourage them to give this amazing game a try!

So that should take care of things through roughly May, and then in June people will be ramping up for Texas Games Con (aka Wargames con aka Bell of Lost Souls con) and will likely still be in the mood for some 40k through July. However in August, we'll likely see a LOT of new things released at Gen Con, including Dungeons & Dragons Next (or "fifth edition" aka 3.9999 edition), and Infinity's big 3rd Edition rules release!

By then I'll be figuring stuff out for our 6th annual Zombiefest event "Zombie Hardest" and leading into the holidays.

In the mean time, I've got to get my list together for tonight, and finish checking up on a few rules for the Twilight Imperium game on Saturday!

Thanks for reading!

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