Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Over the last few weeks, hundreds of forums, blogs, and websites have been inundated with discussion of the pictures and rules rumors of the new Tau models and codex. I won't bother to copy/paste them all here (though I can provide links to the RULES RUMORS and PICTURES), but let me say that I am definitely looking forward to the army, not only because they are long overdue for a new book but because I too will be starting an army for the greater good come the 6th of April.
This release is right on the heels of the Chaos Daemons/Daemons of Chaos dual release and it is yet again evidence that GW is stepping up their release schedule. I for one believe that more choices is a good thing especially when seemingly the only side-effect is that armies get updated quicker.

I really like the look of the new models. There definitely could have been some more work done on them but I think they look fantastic. The Riptide is by far my favorite and I'm excited to see the rules for all the new pretties once everything is released on April 6th. Pre-order for Tau goes up on the 30th of March which means we'll see high-quality pictures and 360-degree views of everything, and I think that will cement the purchase of those models for a lot of people (because as of now we only have a couple of camera-phone pictures with added glare).

I priced out what I'd like to own of the new models and it seems I may need to sell a kidney, a lung, a testicle, and maybe one of my two kids to afford them. If I'm going to make the $1,253 plunge (before sales tax) into this army, I can only hope that the play-testing was in-depth and that I won't suddenly need 5 more boxes of models because X and Y units don't work the way they sound on paper. I plan on picking up 48 Fire Warriors, 20 Pathfinders, 9 Crisis Suits, 6 Broadsides, Commander Farsight, 2 Riptides, 3 Piranhas, 2 Devilfish, 3 Skyray/Hammerheads, and 2 Razorshark Fighters/Sunshark Bombers (and all the other new characters). That should be a solid start to the army without the need to pick up extra kits (save an extra character or two that hasn't been revealed yet). I think this list of models will give me a well-rounded collection that will allow me to swap units in and out of a 2,000 point list to be able to adjust to my local meta and give me a firm grasp on the unique aspects and motif of the new Codex.

Stick around, unless something happens I'm sure I'll have a post here in a few weeks showing off my haul!

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