Friday, November 2, 2012

Nurgle Sorcerer - Codex: Chaos Space Marines

So lately I've been toying with a build for a Nurgle Sorcerer that I'm going to run this weekend. Here's my thoughts...

Sorcerer (Biomancy Discipline)
-Mastery Level 3
-Mark of Nurgle
-Palanquin of Nurgle
-Sigil of Corruption
-Spell Familiar
-Gift of Mutation
-Force Axe
-Blight Grenades
-Veteran of the Long War

At 220 points, you have a Mastery Level 3 Sorcerer with 4 Wounds, Toughness 5, a 3+/4++ save, tons of rules, and access to the Biomancy Discipline to allow him to tap into some really nasty powers.

Getting Endurance, Iron Arm, or Leech Essence with the two rolls on the chart could allow this Sorcerer to rival a Daemon Prince in power. Again, he's only 220 points and is capable of quite a lot. And that's not even including the Gift of Mutation he has, or the other ones he might earn. :D


  1. Any way to increase his armor or invuln? (Haven't had much access to the new codex myself) but dropping 220 points on a guy that has the saves of a 100 point chaplain/captain seems risky.

  2. The only way to increase his Armor is by putting him in Terminator Armor but that takes away the Palanquin (and thus 2 wounds and 1 attack). The Invul can only be increased by taking Mark of Tzeentch. And he's got the wounds/tougnness to back up the cost IMO when you consider the powers he'll be rolling. :D

  3. Fair enough. Just thought with the 3+ that power weapons would be having a hay day with him. But then again, getting into assault with him would be the hard part anyhow. lol. I had initially thought it was an option for them to take Fleshmetal, like SM can take Art. Armor.

  4. I wish that were true. After having made dozens of permutations of Lords and Sorcerers I'm actually surprised and disappointed with how few options there truly are for them. At first it seems like there are tons of options but really they're fairly limited. And, without delving into the "one per army" Artefacts, you actually only have access to basic weapons.

    BUT, I think the design direction wants you to take one of everything so to speak. A Reward, an Artefact, a Mark, a Chaos Warlord Trait, etc. They're all cool and fun, but I can't shake the 4th/5th ed codex feel from the wargear/options. It's like they're scared to give Chaos too many options because they don't want their 3rd Edition codex coming back lol.

    A friend of mine said it best: "This codex is the one we should have gotten in 4th/5th, with a slightly better one released today."

  5. I think the hardest part about the 3rd ed one is that, while loved, it has too many variables come close to approaching GW's sense of balance. Seems like sound logic that they want you to have one of each, though I still wish my captains were 60 points. Ahahahaha.

  6. Lol yeah, 65 points base for a Lord is nuts!

  7. No. It's sane! Compare a 100 point marine captain to 1 tyranid warrior. ;)

    Well the 65 is probably done with the anticipation of marks, and special wargear.