Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New dice, and some Cygnar Lists!

So today, my custom order of Chessex dice came in! On the left is our club's new custom Scatter die (which reads "War College Aurora, CO"), and on the right is one of 10 D6's I ordered with the Cygnar logo printed on the "6" side! Pretty cool huh? Well anyways, over the last few weeks I have been playing and tinkering around with a few 35 pt and 50pt Cygnar lists that I would love to share:

First up, my undefeated (6-0) 35-pt. "Stormthings" list:

-Officer & Standard
-3 Storm Gunners
Stormsmith Storm Tower
Stormsmith Storm Tower
3x Stormsmith Stormcaller

I have done some amazing things with this list, but honestly it hasn't come across some of the more difficult factions and some specific lists that I know are out there. I have not yet tangled with Legion at all, and I have been reluctant to run this against Deathjack (for good reason of course lol).

Now here's the 50-pt. version:

Storm Strider
-Officer & Standard
-Storm Gunner
Stormsmith Storm Tower
2x Stormsmith Storm Caller

I think this list could have a lot of potential with pHaley dominating the battlefield with Temporal Barrier while the Stormwall lays out its two AOE 3 clouds via Metal Storm. She can give it Arcane Shield, and she can cast Chain Lightning off of anything with "Storm" in its name because it will be immune to electricity and thus the spell will arc to nearby enemy models (with the right positioning). The Storm Strider will be backed up and protected by the Stormblades, and Thunderhead will fry any infantry that get to close to either (or anything that's stealthed or has a high defense). The only thing I see being an issue in this list is pHaley being too close to Stormwall to be properly protected from assassination runs. While Stormwall cannot be placed or slammed, nothing prevents them from simply moving around him should I fail to properly protect her flanks.

And here's an interesting list I threw together for Nemo 3 (from the Colossals expansion) that I got some great reviews for on the PP forums:

50 pts - Nemo 3 Tiered List

Artificer General Nemo (+3)
-(His Free Attachment)
-Stormwall (19)
-Stormclad (10)
Storm Strider (9)
Stormblades (5)
-Officer & Standard (3)
-3 Storm gunners (3)
1 Storm Tower (2)
2 Stormcallers (2)

Thanks to his attachment and the Storm Accumulator on the Stormclad, when Nemo gives the Stormclad one focus, he'll have three when he activates which is frakin' awesome! Then, Nemo can give two focus to the Stormclad (which turns into three) if needed, and still have four focus left for upkeeping two of either Failsafe, Electrify, or Lightning shroud (for one focus total thanks to his attachment) AND be able to cast Chain Lightning. On top of all of that he can shoot something in his 14" control area to do even more electro-leaps! It's just nuts!

The entire list is immune to electricity and thus according to the rumors on his tiered list, everything would be able to deploy 2" forward! All of the models are immune to arcing electricity while in his control range as well so I would never arc to my own models, which is really nice because that's even more damage being handed out to enemy models.

And finally, since everything in the list does electrical damage in one way or another, Nemo's feat becomes ridiculous!

Well, I hope that has been an interesting read for those of you who play Warmachine/Hordes. Thanks for stopping by!

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