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Artificer General Nemo & Friends, a 50-pt Battle Report

So yesterday I was finally able to use Stormwall from the new Colossals expansion. I made up a quick 50-point tiered list using Artificer General Nemo (also from Colossals) and a few other goodies...
Here's the list:

50 pts - Tier 4
Artificer General Nemo (+3)
-Storm Chaser Adept Caitlin Finch (free attachment)
-Stormwall (19)
-Thunderhead (12)
Storm Strider (9)
Stormblades (5)
-Officer & Standard (3)
-3x Storm Gunners (3 total)
Captain Arlan Strangewayes (2)

And in case you guys don't know what his tiered list does, here's the info:

Jacks: Lancers, Cygnar non-character warjacks with immunity electricity, Thunderhead
Units: Field Mechanics, Cygnar units with Immunity to Electricity
Solos: Junior, Cygnar solos with immunity electricity
BE’s: Storm Strider

Tier 1 — Only above models
Reduce stormgaurd units cost by 1

Tier 2 — Add stormwall.
Before the start of the game you can place up to three lightning pods (for each Stormwall) within 20″ of the back edge of the table of your deployment zone

Tier 3 — Your list includes two more units from the list above
+2″ of deployment

Tier 4 — Include a character warjack with Immunity electricity
During your first control phase of the game, all warjacks are allocated one focus.

As you can see, my list fulfills the Tier 4 requirements, but I did not place any lightning pods at the start of the game because without Stormsmith Stormcallers I instead need to fire them off to block charge lanes and disrupt Warjacks. My wife volunteered to be the Guinea pig for my first proper game with the Stormwall.

My wife was running the following list:

Menoth - 50 pts
-Fire of Salvation
Choir (minimum)
2x Vassals of Menoth
Exemplar Cinerators
Exemplar Errants
-Officer & Standard

So here's the table after deployment (sorry about the models being unpainted, we have amassed quite a large amount of them in a short amount of time):

Due to N3mo's tiered list, I got to deploy 2" forward and all the jacks got a free focus at the start of the first control phase. The table we were playing on is 3" short on each side so I got to deploy a total of 9" into the table as opposed to 7" (we weren't doing the 10"/7" SR deployment, just the normal 10"/10" out of the core book).

Cygnar Turn 1:

The Stormwall runs (as well as Thunderhead, Arlan, and the Stormblades), N3mo moves up and casts Fail Safe on the Stormwall (+2 ARM and does not suffer the effects of crippled systems), and camps the rest of his focus.

Menoth Turn 1:

Everything runs/moves forward and eKreoss casts Sacrosanct on the Errants and Inviolable Resolve on the Cinerators.

Cygnar Turn 2:

N3mo upkeeps Fail Safe for free (thanks Caitlin!), gives Thunderhead 2 focus (for a total of 3, thanks again Caitlin!) and the Stormwall 1 as well (for 2 total again), and casts Electrify on Thunderhead. He camps 2 focus. Thunderhead moves up, pulses, and sustained-zaps the Avatar for minimal damage (a bad decision on my part). The Stormblades Assault the Errants and kill half the unit, but get half their models knocked down in return. Fine by my estimates. And finally the Stormwall moves up, fires a pod in front of the Crusader's charge lane, puts down two Covering Fire AOE 3's in front of the Avatar and the Fire of Salvation, and double-Big Gun's the Crusader, blowing off his left arm. The Storm Strider zaps the Fire of Salvation for minimal damage, and I realized that wasn't a great idea without Power tokens.

Menoth Turn 2:

eKreoss upkeeps his spells, and the Choir sings the "no ranged attack" song to the Jacks. They move up, and the Avatar does CRAZY damage to Thunderhead (but he manages to keep all of his systems up per how the damage and boxes worked out) even after getting pushed back, and also does some damage to the Stormwall. The Fire of Salvation and the Errants then wipe most of the Stormblades off the table. Ouchies!

Cygnar Turn 3:

N3mo upkeeps both spells for 1 focus total, gives 2 to the Stormwall (for 3), 2 to Thunderhead (for 3), and casts Lightning Shroud on Thunderhead for 2. Thunderhead does some solid damage to Avatar and nearly boxes him, while the remaining Stormblades charge the Errants (and the Fire of Salvation) and kill all but one (and put maybe 5 damage on FoS). The Stormwall moves up, throws a pod across from the Avatar and Fire of Salvation (which does nothing), and double-handed throws the Crusader at eKreoss for tons of damage to both him, the Crusader, three Cinerators, and knocks them all down. I mistakenly thought I could also fire my Covering Fire Metal Storm rounds but I learned after the game that the Stormwall can't do that. It's okay though, it only ever caused two damage on the Crusader (next turn) and had no effect on the game for that turn. So basically it didn't matter. Arlan tries to heal Stormwall and heals one point (D6 roll of 1). The Storm Strider zaps some Cinerators and has it leap to eKreoss for some decent damage.

Menoth Turn 3:

eKreoss casts Inviolable Resolve on the Cinerators, moves the Crusader out of the way (so he doesn't get thrown at Kreoss again), and kills the Stormblade Officer with the Fire of Salvation. The Errant Officer whiffs against the Stormblade Gunner, and the Avatar does a tiny bit more damage to Thunderhead but whiffs some more.

Cygnar Turn 4:

N3mo upkeeps both spells, gives Thunderhead 2 focus (for 3), gives the Stormwall 2 focus (for 3), and pops his feat (all Electrical damage rolls in his CTRL gain an additional damage die). The Storm Strider moves up and zaps Cinerators for some awesome 3D6 electrical damage (arcing with 3D6 Damage to eKreoss), Thunderhead pulsed and sustained-boxed the Avatar lol, and the Stormwall moved up, dropped two AOE 3 Covering Fire templates because it could, and double Big-Gunned eKreoss for game.

Cygnar wins at the top of the 4th!

Things I learned in this game: Colossals are not weapons platforms, so they cannot fire ranged weapons AND use melee attacks at the same time. Thankfully the turn I messed up with him didn't matter in this game. Also, Stormsmith Stormcallers would have been AMAZING with the Lightning Pods, especially in the tiered list because I could place up to all three of them up to 20" into the table from my back table edge at the beginning of the game! I do normally run them in lists like this but I didn't have space, which is an odd thing to say in a 50 point game I guess lol.

One other note: It was brought to my attention that I did not fulfill N3mo's Tiered list because I need two "units" on the table and I only had one in the form of the Stormblades. I can't say for sure if this is correct because I don't have the Colossals book yet (and honestly I was thinking 40k-style "units" when I built the list instead of actual infantry units per Warmachine's definition), but if I do end up needing to use two infantry units, I will drop two Storm Gunners and pick up a Storm Tower.

Agamemnon over on the Privateer Press forum also let me in on the secret that Arlan Strangewayes' spray would be RAT 7 POW 10+3D6 while targeting enemies within 5" of the Storm Strider on N3mo's feat turn...

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