Monday, April 30, 2012


On Saturday the 28th I played against a Troll player and a Merc player, and man was it fun. I quickly put together a list utilizing some new models I had gotten, regardless of their synergy, and sat down to a few games against some friends.

My 35 pt list was eHaley, Squire, Thorn, Thunderhead, Stormblades + UA + 3WA, 2 Stormsmith Storm Towers, and 3 Stormsmith Stormcallers. My wife helped me throw the list together in a few minutes because we were just trying to come up with something cool that used the new models I got (Stormsmith Storm Towers, Stormsmith Stormcallers, and Thunderhead), and had a "Storm" theme.

The first game was against a guy named Brian who was running Jarl, a Runebearer, a Mauler, some Caber throwers, Fenblades + UA, Kriel Warriors, and a Fellcaller or two. He won the roll to go first, and deployed in a massive block. I deployed similarly with Storm Towers and Stormcallers on the flanks (with one Stormcaller in the middle, hoping to set up a Triangulation at some point). In his first turn he cast a bunch of upkeep spells, activated some "mini-feats", and either ran forward or just advanced (or "charged" to be able to use mini-feats too). I responded by also rushing forward while also leaving Haley behind enough to still be involved in the fight but have Thorn be her front-line proxy. In Brian's second turn, he ran forward with his Fenblade unit, all the way to my front lines, and moved up with everything else. At this point I was confused because I'm not sure he knew what Thunderhead did, but I went with it. In my turn, Thunderhead Pulsed, and used some extra focus to eliminate 5 or so Fenblades, while the Storm Towers and Stormcallers mopped up what was left. Then, the Stormblades leaped over some shrubberies, moved 5" towards some caber throwers and Kriel Warriors, and fired a ton of AOE 3's. I picked up 5-6 of those things too (well, that included some solos as well). So in my second turn I had picked up something like 2/3rds of his army. In his turn he moved up with what was left and killed four Stormblades in various melees. In my next turn I started to table him with various Storm shenanigans, and he scooped.

Note: Yes, Thunderhead was in melee with the Fenblades when he pulsed, and I learned he can't do that because it is tied to a ranged weapon and he is not a Gunfighter. However, if he would have backed off an inch from the one Fenblade he was engaged by, he would have only suffered an average of 3 damage (and he was undamaged) and still been able to hit all the models that he did originally. I know now for future games to either back out of melee or get Telekinesis'd out vs units/models that could actually hurt him.

I can't tell you how happy it made me to be able to roflstomp the crap out of Trolls like that. It was a victory well deserved after getting trashed for nearly 15 games.

My second game was against my friend DJ who was running Fiona, a Freebooter, a Mariner, Eiryss of Ios, Alexia and the Risen, Gorman, Rhupert Carvolo, AGTMs, and minimum Nyss. I had never played against regular-style Mercs before so this would be interesting, and in fact turned out to be one of the best games of Warmachine I have ever gotten to play. This game went on for quite a while though, so I can't provide much detailed information about it, but what I can say is that Alexia is a *****, the Freebooter made Thunderhead HIS *****, and Domination has never EVER worked for me except in this game, where it won me the game by doing enough damage to Fiona (after what she had already taken) to box her, to the box.

My "Storm-things" list won 2-0 on Saturday! WOOT!

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