Friday, March 30, 2012

Still here!

Just posting to let you guys know I'm still here! I did end up getting that job so I've been SUPER busy balancing all those things I mentioned before, and figuring out my Cygnar now that I've gotten my very own 35 point list as seen here:!

I know I said that I'd have more time to post, and that's actually true, but I'm currently busy with multiple projects.

I'm finishing off my Mass Effect campaign document that will allow you to run Mass Effect roleplaying games using the Star Wars Saga Edition pen-and-paper RPG rules. The document looks like it will be about 50 pages long too due to all the extra content I'm writing and editing, so I've still got a ton of work to do.

I'm also getting back into the Pokémon TCG starting with the Black & White set and going from there. My LGS is supposedly bringing a Pokémon Professor in to run tournaments and leagues and stuff, so that should be cool. I used to play competitively back in 2006 in fact. I went 4-2 at Regionals with a Machamp React deck (one of my losses was to the best player in the state who also happened to win that Regionals), and at World Qualifiers I took 6th and my wife took 7th! It should be a fun ride with the new Unova-region Pokémon!

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