Friday, February 10, 2012

Cygnar Ideas

So I've got Warmachine-fever again, and after seeing the new Colossals expansion from Privateer Press, I've been dying to get a hold of some new Cygnar minis!

Here's a 35-point list I just came up with that I want to try before I get to the Battle Engines and Colossals. I've tried a ton of Battle Box games, 15-point games, and a few 20 point games, but now I want to go up to the full 35 points.

pStryker (+6)
-Squire (2)
-Defender (9)
Journeyman Warcaster (3)
-Charger (4)
Long Gunners 10 (10)
Stormguard 10 (9)
Black 13th (4)

The concept of this list is to have Stryker utilize the Defender to it's maximum potential. In the first turn, Stryker will cast Snipe and Arcane Shield on the Defender, then he'll cast Blur on the Stormguard. This will create a solid wall for the Long Gunners and pretty much everything else to hide behind, and the Defender will be sitting at ARM 21 with a RNG 20 POW 15 gun. In the second turn, Stryker will upkeep Snipe, Blur, and AS for 3 focus, then allocate two to the Defender for some hard-core long-range shooting (Boost Hit, Boost Damage). That, along with the Long Gunner's Double-Shot CRA, should put a serious hurting on some heavy Warjacks or Warbeasts for a few turns. When things get close to engage in hand-to-hand, Striker will switch tactics to giving the Defender 2 Focus while casting Earthquake on other things nearby, re-rolling his attack roll if he misses thanks to the Squire. The Stormguard can advance at that point and beat something down with CMA and Gunfighter, and Jr and his Charger can annihilate anything that was knocked down by Striker. For stealthy units, Jr and the Charger can rapid-fire something that was lit-up by the Black 13th. Striker can also cast Snipe on the Charger to ensure it has range to hit.

This list is very defensive and very shooty. Being able to blow arms/legs off of a Warjack early on can help me keep the pressure on, and when used in tandem with Stryker's Earthquake, I'm sure there's some nasty things that can go on. I should be advancing every turn unless I'm getting swarmed/out-maneuvered so that I can try to Earthquake their caster in addition to their other stuff. If all else fails, I can give everything of mine within 12" +5 ARM to give me another turn to have another shot at killing their Warcaster.


The next list is a really cool one that I saw on the Privateer Press forums, and it's one I want to try. It's a themed Tiered list from No Quarter using eHaley and two Storm Striders:

eHaley (+5)
-Thorn (8)
-Stormclad (bond) (10)
2x StormStrider (18)
Stormtower x2 (4)
Stormsmith x5 (5)
ATGM (6)
-UA (2)
B13th (4)

Essentially, Haley bonds to the Stormclad to be able to give it 4 focus while casting Deadeye on both Storm Striders (which come in with three tokens each, by the way). It's a bit advanced but I think it would be a blast to play. I was considering something similar with eNemo and a "Weathermen" themed Tier list, but this works out great.

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