Monday, November 14, 2011

Five Necron Tricks and a 2k list

The new Necron codex by Mr. Matt Ward is chock full of abilities, wargear, and special characters. Not surprisingly, some of them can be paired up to produce some interesting effects (several of which have already been posted on BoLS).

Here they are:

1. Indefinite Night Fight
Imotekh has an ability called "Lord of the Storm" which makes it Night Fight turn one automatically, and can continue as long as you roll higher than the turn number. He also does lightning attacks but that's not the point of this combo. Then, the Harbinger of Destruction Cryptek can take a Solar Pulse that turns Night Fight on or off (once per game). With two of them (you can have two by taking two HQ's and thus two Royal Courts), you can easily assure that your opponent's long-range weaponry will be useless for the entire game. Since Necrons excel at the mid-range game, this is only a good thing.

2. Everything's Dangerous Terrain
Orikan the Diviner has a special ability called "Temporal Snares" that makes normal terrain difficult terrain, and makes actual difficult terrain force you to roll 2d6 and take the lowest instead of the highest. That lasts through your opponent's first turn. Then, a C'tan Shard can take "Writhing Worldscape" which makes all difficult terrain dangerous, and if it was already dangerous the opponent fails dangerous terrain tests on a 1 and a 2. And finally, to ensure your opponent gets overwhelmed with the difficult/dangerous rules, you can take Crypteks as Harbingers of Transmogrification which come stock with Tremorstaves. Tremorstaves are 36" S4 AP- Blasts with the "Quake" special rule, which causes an enemy unit hit by the blast to move as if in difficult terrain in their following movement phase. Take a second to read this one through, it's pretty nice. :)

3. Scarab Alpha Strike
One that's sure to be fixed with errata, this relies on poor wording to allow you a first turn assault with nearly 19 Scarab bases for 95 attacks with Entropic Strike. So first, your list must include three units of three Canoptek Spyders and one unit of 10 Canoptek Scarabs. We'll use the Pitched Battle deployment type for this example. Deploy the Scarabs at the very front of your deployment zone so they're as close to the enemy as possible (that's 12" into the table from your table edge) and put the Spyders behind or beside them within 6". Then in your first turn, each unit of Spyders spawns three Scarab bases (one per Spyder) and places them in coherency with the Scarab unit. Placing them at the maximum coherency distance from the Scarab unit (two inches), and stringing them out in a line parallel to them, after moving 6" you're now 21.5" into the table, meaning after the first turn you're potentially able to assault up to 39.5" into the table (from your table edge) depending on your fleet roll. Your second turn is a guaranteed assault on any unit on the table, of course assuming your Scarabs haven't been the target of a Manticore barrage lol.

4. Reserves Redeployment
This one's simple. The C'tan Shard's "Grand Illusion" ability allows you to redeploy D3 units, but it can also put units into and pull them out of reserves. The Monolith allows you to pull units out of reserve without rolling for it, and if a unit is nominated to be in a Night Scythe and it gets destroyed, the Night Scythe says to place them into reserve (allowing the Monolith to pull them out). Not very combo-rific, but it's an interesting group of rules nonetheless.

5. Veil of Darkness
Albeit for a lot of points, you can technically have three Veils of Darkness on the table, with one of them having the old-school ability to pull you from combat. Combined with three Monoliths being able to pull you from anywhere on the table, you can move your units around a LOT (though you're also subjecting yourself to a ton of Deep Strike rolls).

So now that all that's out of the way, I thought I'd share a list I have been working on that tries really hard to use the "best of the best" from the new stuff.

Imotekh the Stormlord - 225
-Cryptek (Harbinger of Destruction, Gaze of Flame, Solar Pulse) - 55
-Cryptek (Harbinger of the Storm) - 25

Triarch Stalker - 150
Triarch Stalker - 150
5x Lychguard (Hyperphase Swords & Dispersion Shields) - 225
-Night Scythe - 100

9x Warriors - 117
-Ghost Ark - 115
10x Warriors - 130
-Ghost Ark - 115
10x Warriors - 130
-Ghost Ark - 115

6x Canoptek Scarabs - 90

Canoptek Spyder (Gloom Prison, Fabricator Claw Array) - 75
Annihilation Barge - 90
Annihilation Barge - 90

1,995 pts, 52 models, 3 scoring units, 15 Kill Points

Imotekh and the Harbinger of Destruction join the Lychguard in the Night Scythe while the Harbinger of the Storm joins the 9x Warrior unit in a Ghost Ark.

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