Tuesday, October 25, 2011


As a Necron player for eight years, I've always seen them as the mindless drone horde army as depicted in many pieces of their artwork and in a lot of their fluff...
The staple of the army in my opinion was rapid-firing Warriors, and being able to teleport them out of combat and re-roll WBB rolls via the Monolith was part of what made it amazing. Their only shortcoming was that they were weak and unable to stick around often in combat. *IF* there were enough left, the tactic worked great.

So now the Warriors are slightly easier to kill (4+ save instead of a 3+, AND WBB is a 5+ instead of a 4+) and the Monolith has lost it's extreme durability via Living Metal being nerfed, but everything's cheaper (Warriors by a third, the Monolith by 35 points) so now you can have more of them. I don't think it will be impossible to continue trying that tactic especially with the Ark's ability to return D3 models to an under-strength Warrior unit, but it has certainly been made much more difficult especially since we might not be able to teleport them out of combat. It seems that the "older" Necrons won't stand a chance anymore. I didn't want them to get the rumored Toughness 5 and plain-old Feel No Pain, but making them weaker and eliminating a huge part to their effectiveness doesn't seem like a good trade off for six points.

In addition to Warriors, I also used to run two squads of Immortals or several Destroyers (but I never ran "Destroyer Wing"). However yet again we see the same design concept applied to them (Immortals cost a third less but their Toughness drops from a 5 to a 4, and Destroyers cost a fifth less but lose their mobility by becoming Jump Infantry instead of being Jetbikes).

It's no secret that Games Workshop has been reducing points costs drastically over the years to get people to buy more miniatures even though it actually is fun to play with more (at least in my opinion), but I think this is also another example of deflating popular and/or decent units (in the Necron's case, ALL of their old units) to showcase the new shiny ones like Nids and others before them. Now it seems that if you don't own an army full of new junk, you'll be at a disadvantage (again, not that this is something new for GW). Maybe that's just my opinion, but it seems accurate for now until the actual codex is released in two weeks.

On the other hand, I happen to LOVE the new models and their rumored rules. I'm also ecstatic that we can supposedly custom-build C'Tans so now we can field a "Machine God" (the Void Dragon) or build The Outsider (from what little we know of them from the fluff). Regardless of the source of inspiration for the new sculpts and names, I think this army is going to look stunning, and a LOT of it look like it's going to be a blast to paint.

In the end I'll unfortunately have succumbed to GW's master plan by doubling the size of my current collection, and I'll have had tons of fun games with the new army. What I'm not sure of is if it's going to feel like "Necrons" at all, or some kind of mutt army with ties to Space Marines, Dark Eldar, Vampire Counts, and Tomb Kings.

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