Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More Updates

So again things have gotten to be quite hectic for me lately. I've been busy with transitioning the War College to our new Friendly Local Game Store, Troll Country Games, to figuring out what to do for transportation since my car died, to getting my son ready for his second year of school, to searching for a job, and trying to find a few minutes here and there for gaming. It hasn't been easy on all fronts, let me tell ya.

However, it hasn't been a complete wash. I have gotten to pre-order my copy of Star Wars: The Old Republic along with WWE '12, and I've been toying with Blood Angel and Tyranid list ideas as I stated in my last post. Here's what I have been up to with the Blood Angels:

2,000 points - Deathstar and friends

Librarian (Terminator Armor, Storm Shield, Sanguine Sword, Unleash Rage)
Reclusiarch (Terminator Armor)

Sanguinary Priest (Terminator Armor)
Sanguinary Priest (Power Sword)
5x Assault Terminators (2x TH/SS, 3x LC, Land Raider Crusader with Multi-Melta)

6x Death Company (2x Power Weapons, Power Fist, Rhino with Extra Armor and Dozer Blade)
9x Assault Marines (Meltagun, Power Weapon, Rhino)
10x Assault Marines (2x Meltaguns, Power Weapon, Rhino)

Predator (TL-Autocannon, Lascannon Sponsons)
Predator (TL-Autocannon, Lascannon Sponsons)

1,992 points, 41 models, 2-4 scoring units, 15 Kill Points

So the 8-man Terminator unit has Furious Charge, Feel no Pain, Fearless, re-rolls to hit in every round of combat, and a 2+ armor save (with about half of the unit having a 3+ invul). They ride in the Land Raider Crusader and it's job is to ride up the center of the field as fast as possible and drop off it's cargo smack in the middle of everything (to draw as much attention to itself as possible). The Death Company can be aimed at anything the Termies need help with or a unit on an objective, and the Assault Squads will grab objectives. The AutoLas Preds are there for some much needed long-range firepower.

I'll add my Tyranid list soon, but that's what I'm thinking of messing around with for now. It's not perfect by any stretch but it should be entertaining.

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