Tuesday, August 2, 2011


This is a sad day in many of our lives. Attactix is now officially permanently closed. Their property was seized today for tax reasons. No clubs or individuals will be allowed back because the locks have been changed and the store is now out of business.

For those still interested in gaming together as a group, we are working on a few other options right now(i.e. where to game, where the terrain will go, etc), but I will keep people apprised of any decisions and/or options as we come to them.

I'd personally like to thank Bill Winski for his hard work and dedication to keeping the store open for us to stay and play at (even all the way into the wee hours of the morning), and all the little things like letting us bring outside food and drink, not charging for table space, and letting us build/glue terrain and models in the store (all of which are taboo in one store or another).

Please keep the Winski family (the owner) in your thoughts and prayers as we transition to a new location.

I will be keeping the War College forum up (www.warcollege.proboards.com) for a long time as I hope we have grown together as a community of gamers and that we can continue to organize games and have fun together despite this epic setback.

-Dave, president of the War College


  1. Hi, if Attactics is gone, what's the best minis store in Colorado?

  2. Well, the word "best" is subjective, because you may be looking for something close or a store that has specific qualifications (allows outside food and drink, has late hours, stocks the game you want, etc). However, our club has chosen Troll Country Games on Hampden and Monaco in Denver (http://www.trollcountrygames.com).

    However, if you're looking for the store that has most of the qualifiers most people look for in a gaming store, it sounds like Total Escape Games hits all those check-boxes.

    I'd still stop by Troll Country though, it is run by a former Attactix regular, and I'm actually friends with the guy (he's cool). :)