Friday, July 1, 2011


I've done it! I've made the plunge. I have acquired about 40-ish points of Cygnar miniatures for Warmachine, and I can't wait to put them to use!

Here's what I got:

Current Warmachine Rulebook
Current Cygnar Faction Book
Current Mercenaries Faction Book

TOKEN SETS (Are these even usable anymore?)
Cmdr. Coleman Stryker
Captain Victoria Haley
Lt. Allister Caine & Journeyman Warcaster
Cygnar: Troop Set

Allister Caine (two pistols aimed forward)
Captain Haley (Variant)
Commander Coleman Stryker (pommel close to his chest, sword pointing up)

Captain Maxwell Finn

Classic Trenchers (10 minis)
Classic Arcane Tempest Gun Mages (6 minis)
Trencher Chain Gun Crew x2 (two gunners, and two ammo dudes)
Trencher Officer & Sharpshooter (2 minis)
Ranger Unit (6 minis)

Classic Ironclad
Classic Lancer
Classic Charger
Hunter (x2)

I figured out I could make a "35 points (+6)" list as follows:

Commander Stryker
10x Trenchers
Trencher Officer & Sniper
Trencher Chain Gunner
Trencher Chain Gunner
6x Rangers

I might not know what the heck I'm doing, but that seems to use most of the models I was given (whether they're good or not), and should get me going right away, I think.

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  1. I don't know much about Stryker, but I know that Caine (well, either eCaine or pCaine, not sure which one) is an epic douchebag- he's pretty awesome, as assassination casters go.

    Warmachine is fun- I wish I liked it as much as 40k though....