Thursday, May 26, 2011


Thanks to Synaps3, Crispy, and Talonis, I'm going to be running some Lictors over the next few weeks (outside of my club's Escalation League for now). I've been reading up on different tactics and strategies on how to use them, and the more I do the more I'm dying to get them on the table.

So, here's a list I think I'm going to run on Friday:

Hive Tyrant (Lash Whip & Bonesword, Twin-Linked Devourer with Brainleech Worms, Wings, Old Adversary, Hive Commander, Leech Essence, Paroxysm)

3x Lictors
7x Ymgarl Genestealers

10x Genestealers (one is a Broodlord, all have Toxin Sacs)
10x Genestealers (Toxin Sacs)

Trygon (Adrenal Glands)
Trygon (Adrenal Glands)

5x Shrike Brood (Lash Whip & Bonesword, Scything Talons)
20x Gargoyles
3x Spore Mines (these mess up the opponent's deployment in Dawn of War)

Basically, the WHOLE army starts in reserves. The Hive Tyrant grants the army a +1 to reserve rolls while he's "alive", so my units will start coming in on a 3+ in turn 2 (which should be roughly 2/3rds of the army). That's more than a 50% chance to bring in either Deathleaper or the Lictors which would then grant my army a net +2 to reserve rolls, meaning anything that didn't arrive that turn gets to come in automatically on turn 3. Knowing this ahead of time can really help me out when planning where to deploy.

I plan on testing this, and other variants of this list, over the weekend and throughout next week. I'll post again with my initial results and thoughts probably sometime this weekend.

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