Monday, April 18, 2011

Text Batrep - Vs Dark Eldar

(no, this is not my Razorback)

Whassup people?

I have played a couple of games with the list I last posted (the post right before this one), and so far I'm still doing very well with it. I just recently played a 2,000 point game against a Dark Eldar player, and the reason was because I wanted to see if running one of my more competent lists would make any difference in the usual ass-whupin's I receive whenever I play against the emo elves in space....

Saturday, April 2, 2011

More of the Same

For the last few weeks I have been running a 2,000 point Blood Angels list to great success. Here's what's in it:

Reclusiarch (Power Fist)
Librarian (Sanguine Sword, Unleash Rage)
Honor Guard (2x Flamers, Power Weapon, Chapter Banner, Blood Champion)

Furioso Dreadnought (Frag Cannon, Extra Armor, Drop Pod)

5x Death Company (3x Power Weapons, Power Fist, Rhino)
Death Company Dreadnought (Blood Talons, Heavy Flamer)
5x Assault Marines (Meltagun, Las/TL-Plas Razorback)
5x Assault Marines (Meltagun, Las/TL-Plas Razorback)
5x Assault Marines (Flamer, Sgt with Power Weapon, Las/TL-Plas Razorback)
5x Assault Marines (Flamer, Sgt with Power Weapon, Las/TL-Plas Razorback)

Stormraven Gunship (TL-Multimelta, Hurricane Bolters, Extra Armor)

2,000 Points, 4 Scoring Units, 18 Kill Points

So far, I have played against Space Wolves, Chaos Space Marines, vanilla Space Marines (lead by Calgar), Chaos Daemons, and Dark Angels. I know, I have yet to play against a real Xenos army with this list, but that will come. I need practice with what is honestly 80% of the tournament environment before I venture out into the unknown, and so far this list is undefeated (though it's definitely not unbeatable).

I look forward to playing against Dark Eldar when I have more experience, but in the mean time I want to play against Orks, Tau, Tyranids, and Imperial Guard (which obviously isn't a Xenos race but it's rare enough at my LGS that it fits the mold lol).

I am currently working on getting this 2,000 point list to by WYSIWYG, and maybe, just MAYBE, I'll start painting it at some point (obviously depending on how well it does).

What do you guys think?