Friday, March 11, 2011


Well, that con was AWESOME!

I didn't do so well (37th out of 70), but I had a lot of fun and I was lucky enough to get a game in with the guy who won the tournament (Andy Shellenbarger, an Ork player believe it or not) as one of my five games. Overall, I'd say that if my con experiences keep continuing in this fashion, I might just have to spread my wings and hit up other major cons like Adepticon or even Wargames Con.

In the mean time, my LGS's Fantasy Escalation League has started playing games at 1,000 points, and my list was quite successful!

I ran the following....

Sorceress (Seal of Ghrond, Power Stone)

War Hydra

10x Blackguard (command, ranked 5-wide)

21x Corsairs (extra hand weapons, command, ranked 7-wide)
12x Repeater Crossbowmen (ranked 6-wide)
12x Repeater Crossbowmen (ranked 6-wide)

I played against a friend's Lizardmen army a few weeks ago comprised of a large block of Temple Guard with Halberds, a large block of Sauruses? with Halberds, and a Skink on a Stegadon that was over in points for his Lord choice by 30-50. I rolled Prenumbral? Pendulum for my spells, and used that to my advantage as I blasted his Stegadon and Temple Guard every chance I got. I tabled him in four turns, and I hadn't even used my Blackguard or Corsairs! Though, the downside to doing so well with my Magic phase was that my Sorceress scored an Irresistible Cast every time (because I was actually trying to) and thus miscast twice. Both times I rolled the same miscast result, the S10 3" blast centered on the caster. I killed 2/3rds of my Corsairs because of her, and on the second one she finally ate it. It was still a fun game and I did learn a lot.

Now on the 40k side of things, I finally got my Stormravens together!

I've been toying around with different list ideas as I'm trying to find the best way to include these in an army. I think three of them is a bit much, but two of them is still horribly expensive. I came up with a few ideas and so far this is the best one I've got (that just nearly tabled a crazy Khorne Daemon army):

 2,000 point Razor Angels list with some changes

Librarian (Unleash Rage, Shield of Sanguinius)
-Honor Guard (2x Flamers, Las/Plas Razorback)
Librarian (Unleash Rage, Shield of Sanguinius)
-Honor Guard (2x Meltaguns, Las/Plas Razorback)


9x Death Company (2x Power Weapons, Power Fist)
5x Assault Marines (Flamer, Sgt with Power Weapon, Las/Plas Razorback)
5x Assault Marines (Flamer, Sgt with Power Weapon, Las/Plas Razorback)
5x Assault Marines (Meltagun, Las/Plas Razorback)

Stormraven (Searchlight, Extra Armor, TL-Assault Cannon, TL-Meltagun)

1996 pts

So that's 5 Razorbacks, 2 Vinidcators, and a Stormraven full of Death Company. Scary? Maybe. Expensive for only having 45 models? Definitely.

I'm quite torn on how many Stormravens should be in a list, and while they don't belong in every list, I would like to get some use out of this beautiful model.

Anyways, I have a LOT more work to do on my armies and I promise to post some pictures soon, so thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for some crazy updates!


  1. Yeah man, the two bigger cons are awesome, I'll for sure be going to both this year! Adepticon is only like 2ish weeks away :)

    I also played against Andy, and lost, though I somehow still pulled 24 points out of the game, which was good enough to net me (eventually) 2nd overall/Best General. Tony's software wasn't working well at all and he announced a different guy, lol :-p

    Did you play in the Feast of Blades?

  2. Interesting! I scored 22 points against him! Yeah, I noticed the change in rankings and I changed it accordingly on our forum.

    I did not play in the feast of blades; I ran ours. We've got some killer competition going from our store (Colin scored 134/135 battle points) and I'm going this weekend to support him.

    I heard you are going as well, so good luck to you!