Wednesday, February 16, 2011

GenghisCon starts TOMORROW

With everyone in panic mode for the con (or at least that's the vibe I'm feeling at my LGS), I'm really excited to see all of the events and games that will be going on this weekend! Genghis is supposedly larger than Tacticon, and this year I've got my Digital Camera (10MP, 5x Zoom) and my new Samsung Epic 4G Galaxy S phone (5x Zoom, 720p video capable) to help me document the whole thing! No more crappy cell phone pics (with "crappy" being a descriptor of the phone)!

Also, for those that actually read my blog, Fort Collins War Party has the 40k missions up for this weekend's Rogue Trader Tournament, so make sure you visit their site and familiarize yourself with the scenarios!

In other news, I've been working on my 1,000 point Dark Elves roster for my club's Fantasy Escalation League, and I think I've got something truly nasty.
  • Sorceress (General, Level 2, Seal of Ghrond, Power Stone, Lore of Shadow)
  • 10x Blackguard with command
  • 21x Corsairs with command (extra hand weapons, ranked 7-wide)
  • 12x Repeater Crossbowmen (ranked 6-wide)
  • 12x Repeater Crossbowmen (ranked 6-wide)
  • War Hydra
I definitely don't have any dirty tricks to pull off, but I do have some solid units here. Not sure where to stick the sorceress either but that is the whole point of the League, to learn as I go.

And finally, my part one order for my Blood Angels came in, so I went ahead and ordered part two which consists of:
  • 12x boxes of Death Company (for 30 walking assault marines, 20 more jump marines, and 10 vanguard)
  • 2x boxes of Sanguinary Guard (can be used for assault squad sergeants, and I'll have enough of them to run that hot new Apoc datasheet)
  • 3 "Sanguinary Priests" from GW's site
  • A pack of Meltaguns
  • The Sanguinor
I'm pumped with all of the GW stuff I've got to work on, but I've also got the Feast of Blades tournament to run/attend on the 5th of March.

This spring is going to be CRAZY!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

General Update

GenghisCon 2011 is less than two weeks away, so I have ramped up the amount of models I'm painting daily to ensure my 1850 pt Tyranid list gets finished before the tournament. I won't be changing my list all that much from the Tacticon version, but the good news is that my playtest games have gone fairly well.

Also, I have made part one of the final purchase of stuff for my Blood Angels, and here's what's on it's way:
  • 2 Stormravens
  • 2 Furioso Dreadnought kits
  • 2 Razorbacks
  • 3 Baal Predators
  • Lemartes
  • Astorath the Grim
I already have two Furiosos and two Baal Predators, but what this order will allow me to do is field six predators (three regular and three Baal) and be able to switch between Furiosos, Furioso Librarians, and Death Company Dreads. How I'm going to make the Dreadnought parts interchangeable is another story...

And now on to Fantasy. My club has been successfully running 500 point games of Fantasy for our Escalation League over the last few weeks. While several people (including myself) have yet to paint their minis, we have at least had regular attendance. The week after the con, we are upping the points level to 1,000, and we are also introducing Magic without the 6th-level spells (for now). I learned a lot playing against a Lizardmen player who was running Temple Guard and Sauruses, and I plan to have more of a tooled-up force to be able to combat builds like that.

In other news, I made FIVE MORE YouTube videos a few weeks ago so make sure you check them out at

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for update pictures of my Tyranids!