Thursday, January 6, 2011

RIP - Norman David Morris

On New Year's Day, Norman David Morris (known as Norm by most) passed away in his home, likely just after 2pm. It is believed it was related to the medical condition he encountered in the summer. Norm was 57 years old and leaves behind a daughter in her twenties.

Here's my note to him on LEG's forum:



You were one of the most recognizable and memorable people at Attactix, and you will be sorely missed. From your hobbying, to collecting, to your ren-fair and cosplay endeavors, you were always a dedicated and well-respected individual. When my birthday went un-noticed at home, you were there at Attactix with a cake for Bill and I. You were always thoughtful like that, and I enjoyed the conversations we had when we stayed late at the shop. You were always straight-forward, honest, and caring.

You are an inspiration in hobbying and in life, and not a soul at Attactix will be the same without you.

We will miss you.


  1. This was a beautiful tribute to Norm. I'd wondered what his gravestone would look like, thank you for putting this photo up.

  2. Just a heads up, this was done with a "Tomb Stone Generator" randomly found on the internet, and is by no means his real tombstone. I was only trying to do the usual of providing a visual at the top of my posts, and I did not have access to a picture of Norm at the time. Sorry if it was confusing.

  3. Dave
    My friends and I on the west coast just came across your tribute from five years ago about Dave Morris's passing. We played D&D with Dave for many years in the 80's and early 90's but we all lost touch with him. We were sad to hear of his passing and were wondering if you could, even at this late date, share some details about his later years. We knew him when he was still in his military look phase so it was interesting to see him all hairy :). Any information would be welcome.
    Stewart Laidlaw