Friday, December 3, 2010

It's an Army!

So I've made the plunge! I have finally purchased my Warhammer Fantasy army of choice, the Dark Elves! Here's what I purchased:
  • Dark Elves Army Book
  • GW's customizable Movement Trays
  • Dark Elf Battalion
    • 20 Corsairs
    • 16 Repeater Crossbow Warriors
    • 12 Spear & Shield Warriors
    • 5 Cold One Knights
  • 10 Corsairs
  • 16 Repeater Crossbow Warriors
  • 5 Cold One Knights
  • Dreadlord
  • Sorceress on a Cold One
  • Hydra
  • Lokhir
Also, next Friday I plan on purchasing the following:
  • 40 Corsairs
  • 20 Blackguard (with command)
  • Cauldron of Blood
  • Assassin
  • Dreadlord on Cold One
  • Hydra
Also, I'm putting together a Fantasy "escalation" style league at my local game store. I'm hoping I'll get between 4 to 6 participants so we can end up with a couple of people who will have fully painted Fantasy armies in a couple months time!

More to come, including pictures of the Fantasy emo Elves in progress...


  1. What list are you looking at playing? Lots of corsairs, apparently :)

    I have a Dark Elf army I'm currently trying to get figured out and painted, to get ready for Genghis in February. It's tough painting blocks of infantry, since all the poses are roughly the same, and you need to paint 20+ of them lots of times.

    I saw your Tacticon report on the (was it called Battle College?) that someone linked to me. Cool reports, sorry that my 'chaos' guys weren't actually chaos, but wolves :-p They're actually marines converted with lots of bits from chaos stuff, to show that they're slowly being corrupted... I already have a Chaos army, I don't want two of them :)

  2. @ Xaereth:

    Hey Adam, thanks for checking my blog!

    Yeah, I really like the Corsairs, and I think the only other army type I might run would be Wyches (though I need about 60 of them) with dual Cauldrons.

    I play-tested about 30 games of Fantasy when 8th Edition hit (using proxy models for my Dark Elves) to try and learn the rules for both the system and the army, and it totally worked. I think I have a firm understanding of the Dark Elf army book, though admittedly I haven't learned all of the little tricks and nuances.

    As for Genghis, I am definitely not going to have the Elves ready by then as I'm actually focusing on my Tyranids. It will be my first time fielding a fully painted and based army sad to say. They are coming along quite nicely and *should* be ready by the Con.

    Also, about your Space Wolves, I am well aware of the fact they are not chaos lol. I not only have a copy of your army list but in the same thread on my club's forum I posted you and your friend's lists to try to give our club members some inspiration.

    The club at Attactix is called the War College, and though I can be slightly silly on the Intarwebz sometimes, our club is very laid back. We really enjoy casual 40k and Fantasy (as well as several other game systems), and we're getting more and more people interested in the Con and tournament scene.

    I know Valhalla's is the store you mainly frequent, but if you get the chance, we'd be more than happy to have you down for a game or two. The War College meets weekly at Attactix on Mondays from 6pm to 10pm-ish and Fridays from 5pm to midnight-ish.

  3. Cool man, it'd be fun to make it down. I actually live in Fort Collins and play at Gryphons down here, but I've gone to different stores to play a few times now. Attactix would be good for me anyways, since I have a $30 gift certificate from Tacticon for there anyways :-p

    It's funny how different clubs have their own personalities- you say your club is really laid back and enjoy casual games. My club is somewhat the opposite- lots of hardcore competitive players who like to go to tournaments and bring tough lists.

    I finally just finished my Salamanders, which is sadly my idea of a 'laid back, friendly' list. Maybe some time during break I'll grab a few friends and make the trek to Attactix. It'd be fun to play against new people at a different shop :)

  4. Oh yeah! As to corsairs, I was thinking of using them as well, since I have a bunch of models for them. My main conflict about them is that their bows aren't AP. Everything else about them is pretty good, especially if you use the frenzy banner :)

    Did you hear that Genghis might be a 5-game tournament for 40k this time? That'd be awesome, if you ask me!

  5. Yeah, Corsairs are very hot in combat, especially if they happen to have that super-hawt Frenzy banner. Just good times there.

    As for the 5-round tourney, yeah, I heard about that. It is honestly a really cool idea and I'm glad. Having another two rounds to play will definitely iron out bad matchups and those games where your dice just shut off. I believe it will also produce a clearer view (obviously from a larger sample) of who the best general was that weekend.

    And yeah, at Attactix we all like to play our casual games with tournament rules, though I've tried to foster that environment so that if anyone does decide to go to a tournament, they're not surprised by how things work.

    By the way, our club is running a tournament today (sadly we're full up) but you're more than welcome to pop on down and chill with us! I know the store has an employee who wants to play kill-teams in-between rounds with people.

    Again, thanks for posting!