Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Dark Elves are coming!

So I've begun construction on the army (and am working on it as I'm typing this), though initially I am building up to a 500 point level as my club is going to start an Escalation League after the new year.

Here's the list I'll be using:

497 Points
22x Corsairs with Extra Hand Weapon (Musician, Standard Bearer, Sea Serpent Standard)
12x Repeater Crossbowmen

Master (Extra Hand Weapon, Heavy Armor, Sea Dragon Cloak, Pearl of Infinite Bleakness)
So, I'll attach the Master to the Corsairs, and use the Repeater Crossbowmen to mitigate any flanking nonsense or soften up a big block of troops before they make it to my Corsairs. By having the Pearl and the Frenzy banner, my Corsairs will have one extra attack AND will be immune to psychology. I think this makes up for the fact that I'm only bringing 35 models to a 500 point game, but hey, it could be worse. The Corsairs wills strike at Initiative 5 and since I'm ranking them up 7-wide, they'll have 25 WS4 S3 attacks plus 4 WS6 S4 attacks from the Master (at Initiative 7), all re-rolling failed rolls to hit in the first round of combat (thanks Eternal Hatred).

On a side note, I didn't include a Reaver in the Corsair unit because I knew I was going to attach the Master, and honestly I can't justify spending 10 points for one attack when there's a character already in the unit.

So, we'll see how it goes, and I'll be sure to post updates soon.


  1. Heh, sounds like a tough enough list for 500. I like the idea of shooting the corsairs as you advance up the field, then waiting an inch away waiting for someone to charge you and getting your stand and shoot, then lots of attacks at I5.

    I like the Reaver in the unit because you can give him the extra couple shots with the crossbow. It's not about his extra attack, but rather about his upgrade. Just my 2 cents :)

  2. Haha, hey thanks for the comment, though unfortunately in order to get "Stand and Shoot" the enemy unit has to move further than their Movement value for you to be able to shoot them (and then you get the additional -1 to BS for standing and shooting).

    And btw my corsairs will be running with extra hand weapons. :P (Editing list now, forgot to add that part)

  3. Heh, actually they have the 'quick-fire' special rule, so they don't need to be half the movement value :)

    I just wish the crossbows were armor piercing :P

  4. Well I stand corrected! Though after doing a bit of research, the "half distance" line has been removed altogether, and now anything with a repeater "hand" bow can fire at things even up to 1mm away!

    That's just INSANE!

    As for the armor piercing thing, sure I'm with ya on that one! However because of the "fire in two ranks" rule, I'm not worried at all. Besides, I rarely use them to shoot as previously mentioned. I believe they're better off with two hand weapons and either the Frenzy banner, or a nice "+1 Attack" buff from a Cauldron. :D