Thursday, October 7, 2010

Coming Soon...

Over the next few months, I will try to complete several projects that I've been working on for QUITE a while. I have a long list of things I've started and haven't made any progress on, and I've decided to share them with you all if not to have a list actually written down somewhere.

  • Post pictures of each unit in each of my armies on my webstie (sort of an ongoing WIP log)
  • Finish painting 1,850 points of Tyranids for GenghisCon in February
  • Finish painting 2,000 points of Blood Angels for general use at my LGS
  • Sell off my Orks as three different lots on eBay (I'm looking for between $700 and $1,000 for them)
  • Finish painting my club's Planetary Empires set for a campaign coming up this holiday season
  • Update my website (include more content for different games, change layout, incorporate blog)
 Hopefully I'll keep this blog updated with progress on all of these fronts, but for now, I am working on painting the Tyranids and will try to get another batrep up with the Blood Angels by next week.

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