Monday, February 8, 2010

A new list, a new strategy

So, after play-testing a bunch of the lists I put up here and others that I built on Friday nights at my LGS, I decided to try something new based on a lot of feedback I had gotten from multiple sources including Auxellion. Here's a list that has three elements to it: A fast assault element, an objective-holding shooty element, and a deep-striking/outflanking element.

  • Swarmlord with two Tyrant guard (Lash Whips)
  • 3x Hive guard
  • 2x Zoanthropes (Mycetic Spore)
  • 15x Termagaunts (Toxin Sacs)
  • 15x Termagaunts (Toxin Sacs)
  • 15x Termagaunts (Toxin Sacs)
  • Tervigon (Adrenal Glands, Catalyst)
Fast Attack
  • 7x Shrike Brood (Scything Talons, Devourers, Adrenal Glands)
  • 20x Gargoyles (Toxin Sacs)
Heavy Support
  • Trygon
  • Trygon
So, the Shrike Brood will fly behind the Gargoyles while the Swarmlord and Zoanthropes advance behind the Termagaunts. The Trygons will Deep Strike and the Tervigon will Outflank for gaunt spawning and overwhelming a flank. The Hive Guard will take cover mid-field for some nice vehicle harassment, and the cool thing about this list is that all three elements will have Synapse and Shadow in the Warp (with backups). I believe I have enough distraction units (Gargoyles, Trygons, Zoans, Gaunts) to let the REAL nasty stuff do what they need to do (Swarmlord, Shrike Brood, Hive guard, Tervigon) which would be winning the game, or at least that's the plan.


  1. Yikes that's a powerful list! But, running into more than two Russes like I had will probably hurt a LOT. A couple more battlecannons and perhaps another Exterminator and that battle would've been a lot different.

  2. True, although you should keep in mind that vehicle Squadrons are more vulnerable. On a penetrating roll of 4+ they're destroyed (instead of 5+) because immobilization counts as destroyed for Squadrons in 5th Edition.

    However, Guard is the army to beat in this edition. It just sucks that they're only good when you have stupid amounts of cash to pour into them. The top-tier lists cost almost one THOUSAND dollars to pick up MINIMUM! And Nids are shaping up to work the same way!

    Thankfully I already had a LOT of bugs when the codex came out but I still had to drop about $500 for them to update my army with the new species n stuff. :(

  3. Pshaw. Top-tier is for losers. Pick-up games are better than tournament games. Still, though. I don't think one of my Russes got hit even. A 50% chance of destruction is OK when jack-crap's happening to them :D

  4. Bugs have more shooting than you might think. Don't go into a game thinking anything less. :P