Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2000-2009: A Decade of Classics

As we come to a close of 2009 and this decade, I am thinking back to the amazing experiences I've had in theatres. Leaving out major (yet incredible) series like Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter movies, here's my top 10 list of the best single movies of the decade:

10. Iron Man
Robert Downey Jr. comes springing out of some years of bad press and health issues into a blockbuster summer hit. Great performances and some cool effects made this Marvel masterpiece contend with other serious attempts at comic book hero movies.

9. V for Vendetta
Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman put on a good show in this awesome comic book hero movie about a "terrorist" mimicking Guy Fawkes and getting revenge on the government that created him.

8. Shaun of the Dead
"You've got red on you..." One of the funniest movies of the decade by a long shot, and it had a fantastic plot and even better acting. Simon Peg becomes a mainstream actor after this, staring in Hot Fuzz, Mission Impossible 3, and Star Trek.

7. Watchmen
Amazing special effects, great storyline, and decent acting made this gritty 80's graphic novel stand out in a decade chock full of mediocre comic book hero movies.

6. Star Trek
With the entire original cast giving the new cast their blessings, a fresh, young, and talented crew dares to boldly go into a reboot of the franchise, to great success.

5. Die Hard 4 - Live Free or Die Hard
A summer blockbuster exploding with intense action, great acting, and some hilarious scenes between Bruce Willis and Justin Long. By far the best in the series.

4. Casino Royale
Daniel Craig takes a turn portraying double 0 agent James Bond in what turns out to be the best Bond movie in two decades.

3. The Departed
Winner of Best Movie of the Year, Best (main) Actor, and Best Director, this Scorsese masterpiece littered with great actors shows Leonardo DiCaprio can be more than a teenage heart-throb.

2. 300
One of the best comic book movies of all time, 300 puts Gerard Butler in the role of King Leonidas at the battle of Thermopylae, Frank Miller-style. Some amazing graphics and visuals combined with dark and vivid storytelling make this an instant hit.

1. Dark Knight
Not to be outdone by the amazing Batman Begins remake, Director Christopher Nolan takes an all-star cast through a darker tale, portryaing characters like the Joker and Two-Face in a way the world's never seen. However, no actor in recent years has accomplished what Heath Ledger accomplished in this movie, which can be called one of the best character portrayals of all time.

Now, that's what I've got for a top 10 movies of the 2000's, but I've finally settled on my "greatest movie of all time", and it happens to be a new release.

My award for best movie ever, including breakthrough visual effects, superb acting, an enthralling story, and that awe factor, goes to James Cameron's Avatar! This $300 million movie sets a new standard in cinematography. Actors Sam Worthington, Giovani Ribisi, Stephen Lang, Sigourney Weaver, and Zoe Saldana, combined with Industrial Light and Magic's breathtaking special effects (best seen in 3D as Cameron intended) set a new bar for the entire movie making industry. Nothing has come close to this level of storytelling and we may not see anything like this again, until it's sequels which are rumored to be on their way...

PS: An Honorable Mention goes to Inglorious Basterds. Admittedly the second best movie of 2009. :)

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